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We all know that smoking cigarettes are injurious to health, but how many people left smoking after knowing this? The simple answer to the question is very few people.  There are various campaigns going on to make people aware about the harmful effects of smoking cigarettes but even knowing all this people just ignore it. Smoking has become a trend now days. It has become a sign of status. From big film stars to politicians, everyone can be seen smoking. These are the big personalities but let’s take the example of a normal school going boy, he finds it very big thing that he is smoking and show off in front of his friends.


As the demand for cigarettes are increasing so as the types of cigarettes are increasing. New and latest types of cigarettes are coming in the market. One of those is e CIGARETTE. E CIGARETTES are vaporizers which are battery powered which looks like smoking normal cigarette but in reality it’s not. There is no tobacco in e Cigarettes. These cigarettes are actually for those people who don’t want to give up their smoking habits but want to lower the risk. It looks like somewhat the same traditional cigarette but causes less harm to the individual as it contains nicotine and not tobacco. The use of e cigarettes is called Vaping.


Inhalation of flavours used to flavour e liquids are chemical blends that are inhaled as vapour in electronic cigarettes. It is a much more chemically pure alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. However, please be aware that the use of flavours is a relatively new practice and has not been tested fully for safety by any official organisations. Therefore, we are not able to guarantee that any flavoured e liquid is safe for this use. This would also be true for any other e liquid or flavour manufacturer. There are no companies that can guarantee that any flavour is safe for long term use. There has not been enough long term testing and research done.


At Doubler we care about our customers health. We completely exclude and avoid certain flavour chemicals that are known to be a health hazard when inhaled. One such chemical is Diacetyl and NONE of our e liquids and flavours that carry the “Doubler” brand label will ever contain this dangerous chemical which is used by many e liquid producers as a buttery custard type flavour note. We also avoid the use of Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl, Butyric Acid, Food Colours, Citric Acid and other enhancers or chemicals in our e liquids. E Liquids containing these are clearly labeled on our website and the bottle.


It works like a normal cigarette and starts by taking a puff or pressing a button. Another characteristic of e Cigarettes is that these are reusable but there are some disposable versions too. It’s almost like the real one as when you inhale, the end glows and as you exhale it, a cloud of smoke is exhaled out by you. The smoke that comes out is actually the vapor which is similar to the fog we normally see in rock shows. There is a cartridge in e Cigarette that contains nicotine and other liquids and flavoring. The heating element present in the cigarette atomizes the liquid solution present in the cartridge which is known as e Liquid. When e Liquid is heated to a particular temperature then aerosol is generated. This generated aerosol provides flavor and gives a feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. E Liquid which results in aerosol mostly contains propylene glycol, glycerol, water, flavoring, nicotine, and other chemicals.


We have two types of e liquid that you are required to choose from when adding e liquids to your shopping cart. One is a DOUBLERS, they are what you choose if you plan to add your own nicotine and are half full bottles. Second is a SINGLERS, they are if you don’t plan on adding your own nicotine and can be vaped as is.